Lisa has been working at various aspects of the tradeshow industry since around 2006 when she moved to LasVegas.   She has worked in Destination Management, Translation, Event production – and easily managed each and every job assignment with ease. She began working with Exposures shortly after this and has been our National Sales Director for more than 10 years, establishing maintaining client/partner relationships. Exhibit City News hired Lisa during this time to help manage the bustling business of getting a trade publication to press and into customers’ hands in a timely manner – no easy feat within the publication industry.  Everyone will know Lisa from New York with the blond dreadlocks – someone from outside of the industry who became a woman that rules the show floor every time she walks out.

Lisa was diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cancer that affects 2.5% of the global population. Currently, she is undergoing lengthy and costly medical treatment, the least of which have included chemotherapy and
reconstructive surgery. She expected to experience pain and to be ill from her treatments, but was not prepared for complications, infections, return to surgery for further reconstruction,and the ongoing pain that may or may not be lifelong. Even her activities of daily living such as dressing, driving, cooking, and light housework have been compromised.

Lisa works as an independent contractor and she carries her own health insurance.   She is paid primarily through commissions, she doesn’t get paid if she cannot work.  Lisa is in the middle of a huge medical fight with multiple procedures, already behind her and in her future.  There are costly treatments and copays that most of us cannot even imagine. She has been on physical restrictions due to her surgeries and has been unable to drive, lift anything heavy, etc. These have been and continue to be paid out of pocket since they are not covered by her health insurance. Add this to her inability to work for extended periods of time, and she truly is in need of any financial assistance afforded to her.