Matthew Learmond Chevannes, lovingly called “Chevy” at work, was an exceptional Business Development Specialist at Exhibitus in our Atlanta location. Continuing his studies while maintaining full-time employment, Chevy was with Exhibitus for just over 6 months, where he made a great impact in helping to stand-up a new department within our company, as well as being the first to reach the milestone of seeing that team’s first job through to sale. In a short
amount of time, Chevy learned the industry and was excited to find a work family where he not only thrived, but gave back to so genuinely. He was an integral part of the team here and a shining example of our company values. He inspired others with his positive attitude, kindness, warmth, politeness, and desire to learn. His infectious smile was one we all looked forward to each day.

On March 27th, after a week-long illness and a 4-day hospitalization, Chevy passed away leaving behind his out-of-country parents and siblings, alongside his small local family in Atlanta. At the tender age of 26, we all are still in shock and deeply saddened by this tragedy. He is greatly missed.

This extremely sudden loss has caused Chevy’s family a watershed of unexpected costs. These include emergency travel/accommodations for family coming in from Jamaica and Nunavut, Canada, visa applications, mounting medical fees, autopsy services, legal fees and cost to repatriate Chevy back to his beloved Jamaica, funeral services here in Atlanta and in Jamaica, and an extended amount of time off work for immediate family members to handle his personal
matters, all while grieving this unimaginable loss.