Pete Nelson worked in the trade show industry for more than 30 years.    He started out as a temporary factory worker and was soon hired as a regular employee.   Pete advanced quickly to supervisor, then factory manager, and eventually GM.   For most of his tenure at Clearr, Pete was GM and Vice President and became an iconic figure in our dynamic and growing industry.

Pete passed away on April 22, 2017 after a brief illness with cancer.   At his funeral, Andy Steinfeldt, Clearr Corp.’s CEO, said at his funeral, “everyone is unique, but a few, like Pete, are more unique than others.”   Pete was friends with everyone at all levels, and was known throughout the industry.    He was a one man HR department at Clearr.   He spoke to every employee every day, asked after each, and their families.

Pete leaves behind his wife LeeAnn.

He has battled, and beat, cancer once before but it cost them both their life savings.  LeeAnn is left with the huge medical bills from Pete’s more recent battle with cancer and had not been able to work through his illness which only increased her financial burden.