Paul McNamara and his wife, Kris, have been active in the trade show industry for more than 20 years.   Paul has been with Giltspur, Taylor, Delfi and Splash.   Kris has been with Giltspur, Digital Pond, Splash and Astound.

Paul has Stage 4 bladder cancer which has now spread to his entire body.  He has been given 2 months, at most, to live.   He has endured 4 surgeries, one of which to remove his bladder.   In addition, he has done chemotherapy and is now undergoing autoimmune therapy.

Paul has not been able to work since January, and neither has Kris as she has been his caregiver.     They are not only struggling to keep up with the ever growing medical expenses but are challenged as well to take care of the day-to-day living expenses.