Georgia Spear began her career in the trade show industry in 1988 working for Nth Degree, then known as Installation & Dismantle. Her many years of service were under the title of Executive Assistant, but there isn’t a title worthy of the numerous roles she played over the years. In August of 2016, Georgia retired from Nth Degree after more than 28 years of dedicated and compassionate service to the company and the industry.        Georgia volunteered at every RSMGC prior to her retirement and once again focused on the recipients and how she could help them. Following her retirement, she moved to Palm Coast, FL and immediately volunteered to assist in her local church just as she did in the metro Atlanta area prior to moving.

During a routine physical examination in February of 2017, Georgia was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. In the weeks to follow, numerous tests were run and Georgia was eventually scheduled for surgery in May. During surgery, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes so the surgery was abandoned and she was ultimately scheduled for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.        At the end of June, Georgia began having severe headaches and it was then discovered that the cancer has spread to her brain. A series of radiation treatments was then focused simultaneously on her lungs and brain. Georgia has now completed the radiation treatments and will continue to undergo maintenance-type chemotherapy treatments for as long as she is willing.

As one can imagine, the financial burden of all of the medical expenses was not anticipated during her retirement. The contributions from the RSMGC will assist with the additional expenses being incurred.     In typical fashion, Georgia remains optimistic and is focused on the quality of the life she can lead while blessing us with her beautiful presence. She continues to be the most positive person you will ever meet and brings sunshine into anyone’s life she touches.