Michael Holzer joined Classic Exhibits in 2016. From the time he joined, he became part of our family and the fabric of what makes Classic…Classic. Michael was passionate about process, efficiencies and finding even the smallest ways to save the company money wherever possible. During his time at Classic, he served as the Purchasing Manager and then the Inventory Management Manager.

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, Michael experienced a sudden seizure at home resulting in a 911 call and being admitted to ICU at the local hospital. Sadly, when Michael was checked in they discovered significant bleeding on his brain that was inoperable.  After being intubated and placed on life support to provide time for family, friends and co-workers to come visit him the family made the hard decision to remove him from life support.

Michael leaves behind his incredible wife, Kari, and 3 amazing kids – Gabriel, Parker and Dalilah.   Michael was the sole bread winner for the family.   He would have been 40 years old on October 28.