Dana Esposito has been a designer in the exhibition industry for over 25 years.  She has worked for a number of companies within the industry including 14 years at AccessTCA, 10 years at Elevation 3D and she is currently EVP, Strategy for Blue Hive.    During her career, Dana has received recognition for her award-winning designs as well as her leadership throughout the industry, including EDPA Designer of the Year and the 2017 Star Award. She is the co-chair of the Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) University Affiliations Committee, is on the EDPA Board of Directors and was an adjunct professor at BSU, instructing future exhibit designers.

Dana was in a serious horseback riding accident in late 2022.  She attended the casual horse-riding event in memory of her friend’s daughter who died at 19 years of age from cancer. The event would raise money for St Jude’s Hospital for Children.   Dana was riding a horse who was suddenly bitten on his hind rump by the horse behind him. The horse she was riding began to buck and bolt forward. She was tossed in the air repeatedly. The first time Dana landed on the backrest of the saddle breaking the front of her pelvis. The second time she was bucked high, her right foot came loose from the stirrup, but her left foot did not, just as the horse bolted forward. This caused Dana’s left leg to be yanked powerfully forward causing nerve damage in the entire leg. Then was when she finally bucked up and off.   Dana landed on her right pelvis causing additional breaks and fractures in both her pelvis and right-side ribs. She also fractured her sacrum. She broke several of those tiny bones on the left side of her spine and fractured several on the right side.

Dana faces a long road to recovery with numerous medical bills.  While Blue Hive (her employer) has been supportive, Dana’s medical expenses are still significant and will continue to be.