Kenny Merrill started with L.E.S. in 1993 in Southern California. In 1995 he assumed ownership of the new Denver, Co. office. He took a secondary convention market and treated it as the top market in the country. In his mind it was just that. His work ethic was second to none and his kindness and gentle manner was well known throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

In January of 2020 he noticed a tingling in his feet. After many different diagnoses and a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN it was determined that he had contracted ALS. By January
2021 he decided that he wouldn’t put his family or friends through the grief of his disease. He, instead, elected to apply for a self euthanasia dispensation from the state of Colorado, and was granted that option.

Les Bunge, founder of L.E.S., talked to Kenny the day before he left this earth and said he was very much at peace with his decision. “ I have never seen such bravery and caring for
others so close up before. It was inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. I cannot explain how much he will be missed by the entire L.E.S. family”.

Kenny is survived by his wife Dona, mother Mary, brothers Chuck and Larry, sister Suzette, daughter Sara and son Kenny Jr.