John Edmonds was the most imaginative, quirky, fun-loving guy who started out wanting to be a veterinarian and figured out he could make a living doing what he loved best, being an artist.  John worked for Design South, IDEAS and Design 360 as a Designer.

There was no greater creative talent in our industry.  He could sculpt, draw, paint and create cartoon cells.  He loved all things Disney, his family, friends and fur babies of all types.   His ability to help the client through the design process was incredible to watch.  He approached things differently than some and many times it pushed engineering & production to figure out how they could build his concepts. The outcome was always leading edge and unique.  Clients immediately trusted him and loved his quirky personality.  He was a joy to work with and I loved watching him communicate with his pencil.   And John graced the Randy with the design he created for the Randy hole signs were used for years and helped to legitimize the event.

He moved back home to care for his father after his mother passed away and died only a few short months from a heart attack in August 2021 after his father passed.