Jill Dalton has been the Marketing Manager for American Convention Exhibitor Services (ACES) for 6 years in their corporate headquarters in Ocean City, NJ.

Jill got married 2 years ago and began to suffer from severe headaches on the flight home from her honeymoon.   She was immediately taken to the hospital on her return home and it was discovered that she had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit that needed to be removed immediately.  Her team of surgeons were only able to remove about 90% of the tumor however.  This Solitary Fibrous tumor, as it’s known, is extremely rare and aggressive.   As a result her medical team recommended that Jill immediately begin treatment with proton radiation.  Jill has experienced a number of side effects from the 37 treatments she has received including short and long term memory loss, anxiety and loss of coordination.   To make matters worse doctors found a new tumor growing outside of the treatment area this past January which precipitated a new treatment protocol to deal with it.

Jill, and her husband Shaun, have remained amazingly strong during her ordeal but the young couple is overwhelmed with medical expenses that are already will in excess of $1 million.