Drew Camier has been working for TWI Group since February 2000.   He started his career as an import/export agent handling everything from docs to customer formalities for cargo through truckers and airlines.   Originally working out of the NY offices, Drew moved to Las Vegas when all company operations re-located there.

Drew was a kidney transplant recipient before he went to work for TWI.   During his tenure with TWI, he has been diligent on keeping up with post op check-ups.   In May 2018, he came down with what he thought was a cold but it eventually turned into pneumonia.  That July he was rushed to the hospital as he was having trouble breathing.  Further examination revealed a 9cm mass in his left lung.     Surgery was recommended to remove the mass and the biopsy came back negative for cancer.   However that did not resolve his breathing issues.    Subsequent follow ups with ENT specialists did not provide an answer to his problem and he continues to suffer with breathing pain and coughing up blood.

Drew has exhausted all his PTO and his medical bills continue to climb.     His ordeal has put great strain on not only himself and his finanes but also his wife Laura and their 3 sons, a 15 year old and twin 12 year olds