Understanding that the RSMGC offers a full slate of traditional Sponsor Offerings, we also welcome support from organizations that want to be creative and do something a little different and get more of their empoyees involved.

The RSMGC Foundation is a 501.3.c  charitable organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible.

Fundraising Ideas to Consider:

  • Employee Contribution Competition and Matching Fund

    You’re welcome to borrow from the Czarnowski playbook and have a competition among all your offices to see which one can raise the most money from individual contributions.  Place a collection jar in each office and watch the donations build.   Best of all in their case, the Czarnowski owners committed to match the total of whatever their employees donated.

  • Fitbit Competition

    This is a great way to raise money and improve the health of your staff.    Over a specified period of time (1 week, 1 month, etc.), let each employee know that you will pledge to donate a certain amount of money for the amount of steps they record on their Fitbit, SmartWatch, etc.   A prize can also be offered to the individual who accumulates the most steps.

  • Start a Crowdsource Funding Campaign

    Create a Crowdsourced funding site to raise funds from your vendors, clients, colleagues, employees and their famiilies.  This can be a fun and exciting way to see your contributions grow online on a daily basis.

  • Set up a TFund Campaign

    Go to TFund.com and design the annual RSMGC T-shirt (or an optional Football Fan Jersey) which can be sold online .   You create the design (with the approval of the RSMGC Board) and then set the fundraising goal, the price for each shirt and spread the word.    TFund handles the rest including billing, fulfillment and customer service.

    This idea is limited to one forward thinking company each year. 

  • Include RSMGC in Your Annual Corporate Giving Plans

    For organizations that have Corporate Giving Plans, or Corporate Giving Departments, we would ask that you consider adding the RSMGC to your list of annual benefactors.  

    As our community of trade show industry professionals ages the numbers of individuals and families in need grows each an every year.   Help us help them by including the RSMGC in your giving plans.  

  • Suggest Something Else!

    There are a million ways under the sun to raise funds for our families in need and we don’t want to limit your creativity.   The only thing we do ask is that you let us know what you have in mind first.


All Group Fundraising Ideas are Subject to Approval from the RSMGC Board.   

If you have an idea you’d like to consider please email Jim Wurm at [email protected].