Ty Carlson is currently a Senior Project Manager at Star Exhibits & Environments.  Prior to working at Star, Ty was with Freeman in St. Paul for 10 years as Senior Project Manager.

Ty’s wife, Katy, suffered a tragic accident on July 16, 2022 while watching her son play baseball. She was rushed to the hospital with severe brain bleeding and damage and wasn’t expected to make it. Her family said goodbye to her on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 and she was removed from life support. Against all odds, Katy survived and began to show mild brain activity and reactions. She was able to have surgery on Friday, July 22 to repair the blood clots in her brain. Katy has a very long road ahead of her (12-18 months) with an undetermined outcome. However, Ty and their two children are elated that Katy is still with them and continues to make progress.